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Wortham Theater Center closed until September 2018 after damages from Hurricane Harvey

The Wortham Theater Center, which sustained substantial flood damage from Hurricane Harvey, will reopen by September. The Wortham, a landmark city-owned property that is home to the renowned Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera, has been closed since the unprecedented storm hit the Houston area and continues to undergo extensive recovery and forensic assessment. 

Getting the Wortham back up and running again after taking on twelve feet of water is a complex process, but contractors and the forensic engineering firm have worked tirelessly to safely dry out, assess and stabilize the building. The next phase of work for the Wortham will focus on repairs and reconstruction.  


On August 27, water from Hurricane Harvey filled the basement of the Wortham with 12 feet of water. In addition, water filled the tunnel that connects the Wortham to the Theater District Parking Garage. While the building was powered down before the worst of the storm, initial assessments revealed potentially dangerous conditions and a clear threat to the mechanical and electrical equipment and building contents. To prevent further damage, Houston First, who manages and operates this facility, immediately retained Gilbane Reconstruction Services to begin pumping out the water and stabilizing the building. 

At this point, it does not appear that the building has suffered structural damage, but there has been extensive damage to at least one-third of the building’s 60 air handling units and to the elevators. Houston First and Gilbane continue to work hand-in-hand to complete an evaluation of the critical building systems. That work should be complete in 2-3 weeks. To find out more about Wortham Theater Center recovery, click here.

All performances that were scheduled to take place at the Wortham Center during this time frame have been cancelled or rescheduled at other locations. You can find the latest information on the Wortham Center calendar of events, here. If new information has not been listed yet for a particular event, keep checking back with us as those groups are still working on rescheduling their performance(s). Our hope is that you will support the arts in Houston and see these wonderful performances at their new locations! 

We would like to thank everyone who has expressed such support for our venue that has been a part of the Houston community since 1986. We have received many inquiries from people wondering how they can help. 

Here are just a few: 

HGO Harvey Fund

You can help our resident performing company the Houston Grand Opera with their recovery efforts by donating the HGO Harvey Fund. 


Keep Houston Ballet Strong

To assist with the recovery efforts of our resident company the Houston Ballet and the damages sustained to the Houston Ballet’s Center for Dance donate to the their fund. 


Harvey Arts Recovery Fund

The Harvey Arts Recovery supports the disaster recovery needs of the Greater Houston arts, culture, and creative community in our 10-county region. As a collaborative effort of Houston's arts services sector, their focus is on aiding individual artists and rebuilding and restoring smaller organizations. The Fund will be housed at the Houston Arts Alliance, a 501(c)(3) public charity. 


Houston Hospitality Employee Relief Fund

Visit Houston, Hotel & Lodging Association of Greater Houston and Greater Houston Restaurant Association have joined together to create an emergency employee relief fund. The Houston Hospitality Employee Relief Fund will be used to assist hospitality and tourism related employees impacted by Hurricane Harvey and who perform services of any nature within the industry including hotels, restaurants, theaters, arenas, stadiums, attractions, or any organization that directly sells or promotes Houston as a destination.

This relief fund is intended to provide supplemental support to employees for any financial losses they may have incurred as a result of Harvey.


Houston First Aid Fund

This fund was created for all Houston First employees affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Houston First Aid site is managed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. The funds they collect are distributed exclusively to our employees in need who have registered on the site. Once employees receive the distribution they can use it to repair home damage, replace or repair a vehicle, help with living expenses and more.   



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